Riding for disadvantaged and seriously ill children

Giving disadvantaged and seriously ill children the chance to meet and ride a friendly pony


Children can enjoy grooming and petting a pony as well as riding around a beautiful Kentish farm. Children, including those who have never ridden before, can learn to ride a pony and try simple riding exercises. Enjoy riding in our outdoor sand school and through the acres of beautiful woodland and fields, all safely overseen by experienced volunteers. Or you can come and spend time out in the countryside with your family. Each visit will be tailored to the individual's requirements.


Rainbow Pony Rides was set up by the Honnywill Family Charitable Trust, to give disadvantaged and seriously ill children, aged between 4-16 years old, the chance to meet and ride a friendly pony.  Children can learn to ride in a relaxed environment in our outdoor arena or on a ride around the farm. Spending time with a pony and riding is a wonderfully fulfilling experience.


Rainbow Pony Rides is run by Sophie Honnywill, an experienced coach for Riding for the Disabled (RDA), with over 13 years’ experience volunteering at Bradbourne RDA in Sevenoaks.


Specially trained ponies are used for Rainbow Pony Rides. All the ponies have been carefully selected for their friendly and gentle nature to ensure the children have a very happy and positive experience.


Charlie is the first official member of the Rainbow Pony Rides team. He loves being petted and will do anything for a carrot!


Merrylegs is a little Welsh pony who is used to being handled and ridden by small children. She is very mild mannered and will happily stand to be groomed and cuddled.


Sprout is a very friendly Highland Pony. Being quiet natured, he is perfect for young children to gain their confidence in handling and riding a pony. 



Experienced coaches and volunteers attend every visit.

Sensible clothing should be worn. Riders must wear suitable hard hats which meet the current British Standard. These are available to borrow. Comfortable clothing including long trouser, such as tracksuits, should also be worn as well as outdoor shoes, preferably with a slight heel.

Application forms must be completed for each rider before arriving and countersigned by a healthcare professional. This is essential for insurance purposes. An application form will be emailed or sent by post prior to your visit.

The cost of each ride/visit is £10, all proceeds go towards the charity's activities. Should you wish to make a donation it would be most welcome and enable us to provide more rides for more children.

The ponies always appreciate a 'thank you' apple or carrot at the end of the ride!


Looking for a way to get involved with Rainbow Pony Rides? Whatever help you can give will be highly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


There are lots of opportunities to help; whatever your experience or time available, we would love to hear from you. You can help with the rides - grooming and tacking up the ponies, leading and walking with the riders. 

We need people to help with fundraising - making contact with donors and keeping them informed of our work, and helping us with occasional fundraising campaigns, for example to fund the purchase and care of a new pony.

Marketing is also important. We need help publicising what we do and promoting Rainbow Pony Rides so people are aware of the amazing benefits that our ponies can bring them.


We are looking for somebody to liaise with hospices, hospitals, social services and other organisations who can introduce Rainbow Pony Rides to families with young children who we can help.


If you would like to make a donation please email us on rainbowrides.seh@gmail.com. 100% of every donation, plus gift aid (if applicable), is used for the care and well-being of the ponies. The more funding we have, the more rides we can provide.





Kiln House Farm, Winkhurst Green Road, Bough Beech, TN8 7AN




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